BCA Part J6 requirements have been in place since 2006.  The goal of the BCA is to enable the achievement of minimum necessary standards of relevant health, safety, amenity and sustainability objectives efficiently.  Compliance documentation submissions in the building approval process.  Building permits are now based on BCA Part J6 compliance of watts/m2 allowance and this may include a reflected ceiling plan, lighting schedule, specification of lamps, evidence of calculation and any other documentation to show compliance.

The lamp power density calculation Golden Goose Sale UK will be include power consumed by lamps (excluding ballast) and GPO’s controlled by wall switches.  The power density must not exceed the following requirement:

  1. Class 1 and Class 2 residential building, 5W/m2
  2. Verandah or Balcony, 4W/m2
  3. Class 10 garage, 3W/m2

Subclause J6.2 (a) (ii) provides an alternative approach for dwellings with control systems like sensors, switching devices, control systems have an impact saving energy.  However, adjustment factors do not apply to incandescent or halogen lamps or any magnetic ballast used.

Important Notes:

The BCA does NOT specify the type or configuration of lighting installed

The BCA does NOT specify the required lighting levels in a Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Sale dwelling


Sample of J6 Compliance Submission Form