Things you need Barbour Jacka Outlet to know about Halogen Glo Parajumpers Jacka Billigt be !

  1. Very High Operating Temperature:

The tungsten halide in the halogen bulb is Golden Goose Mid Star Pas Cher kep >250o C to operate and prevent the tungsten from sticking to the bulb wall.

  1. Banned:

Uplight halogens have already banned in USA.

  1. Banned:

Halogen to be banned in Europe by year 2016

  1. Harmful: Halogens can dazzle children and cause migraine due to the intensity of the light.
  2. Toxin: Incineration of certain halogen-based materials releases dioxins into the atmosphere and these by products can be harmful to humans.
  3. Fire Hazard: Additional fire prevention features are require for safe operation, such as heat protections canister to keep flammables away from halogen globe.  Must ensure safe distance between halogen globe and insulation at ceiling.
  4. Huge Carbon Emission: One 50W halogen bulb can produce 4.28tonnes of carbon emission per year.

How much can you Actually SAVE if using LED Globe


Return of Investment (ROI) for Five Years (9,123 burning hours)



Based on normal household usage of 5 hours/day and electricity tariff of $0.20/kwhr.